Designed in LA


At Violet Love Brands, Inc., we are aware of our responsibility to do what we can to encourage green living. You won’t believe how cool our printing process is which allows us to do our part. Check it out…

REUSE OF THE PRINT CYLINDERS: For the production of new designs our printers always reuse their printing cylinders.

 NO WATER CONSUMPTION OR POLLUTION: Our printers print with ethanol-based solvent inks. Ethanol is a completely natural, renewable substance. Because they use no water in our process, they generate no waste-water.

 RECYCLING OF THE SOLVENT: Due to their state-of-the-art production processes, they are able to recycle their solvent, therefore generating virtually zero emissions.

 ENERGY EFFICIENT PRINTING PROCESS: Due to the use of solvents in their printing process, they require significantly less energy to dry their printed products than conventional water-based printing systems.

 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY INKS: They use dyestuffs that are completely free of hazardous substances and contain no allergenics.

 RECYCLING OF INKS: All the inks in our production process are recycled using our proprietary ink recovery technology.

 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY TRANSFER PRINTING PROCESS: Not only is the process to produce the paper environmentally friendly, but also the transfer of the design from the paper to the fabric is a completely clean, dry process.

 OEKO-TEX CERTIFICATION: Therefore, neither water nor air pollution is generated during the transfer process.